Still in Bonaire… and we maybe for some time

With countries and borders shut in all possible sailing directions, there is no sailing for us unless we want to be stuck out at sea permanently. Not an option I would consider with small children onboard if we all wanted to remain sane! However we remain healthy and well and are loving our enforced stay on the stunningly beautiful Dutch island of Bonaire. It’s even more gorgeous when you go below water and experience the breathtaking coral reefs.

The island remains COVID free currently and with a small population and a complete shutdown of social gatherings or enterprises, they are taking no chances. This is both understandable and we respect the safety rules.

We have hired a truck so we can hike and explore the dirt track roads along the island when possible. The salt mining and tiny old slave huts were a great educational visit.

White mountains of salt
Tiny slave huts for the old salt works

We’ve even managed to rent a windsurfing board to teach the boys and they are loving it in this bath-temperature aquamarine water.

Felix (6) windsurfing!
Blues of the ocean and sky

Chloe has fitted in perfectly to our slightly surreal life currently and is a godsend helping with the boys. Of all places to be stuck at least the scenery and setting is stunning. Wish you were all here with us (and hoping you all remain healthy and well).

Chloe enjoying Bonaire

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