Do you remember ‘Survivor’ programme from TV ages ago???

Well apparently it was set here (Hakatea, Nuka Hiva) and we are now anchored off the said palm-tree -backed white beach. The backdrop is stunning as vertiginous mountains soar all around.

Manta rays and black tip reef sharks swim around the boat and stunning shells wash up onto the beach.

Just up the valley is the worlds third highest waterfall and we did a lovely trek to see it and swim in the fresh water pools which was gorgeous.

If it all sounds too good you will be pleased to know that the beach has the most viscous sand flies known to man, so how the ‘Survivor’ contestants managed to put up with them I have no idea!

There are a few local families who live in the next bay, there are no roads or electricity and it’s a two hour strenuous hike to town. The locals have to be the friendliest on the island, kindly giving us gifts of bananas, mangoes, papayas, grapefruit, pineapples and water (and a whole heap of fruit which we have never seen or eaten before!)

Their home grown pineapples have to be the tastiest in the world and we have stocked up on ‘pamplemousse’ which is now a staple for us. The boys are great at picking them too. We baked a banana cake as a present in return which was gratefully received. Cooking seems to be mostly done in oil drums turned into bbq’s.

Our lunch restaurant

The local children come home on Fridays from their week away at school and the boys have had great fun playing with them. This photo is of a fabulous swing where you climb up a palm tree and swing into the river behind the beach. Not for the faint-hearted!

It’s been a great place to stop for a few days whilst Russell has run some repairs and we’ve progressed boat school and a school outing to the waterfall.

After ten years usage, this is the first and only 🤞repair we are making to the mainsail. That’s how good Sanders sails are! Only one batten pocket end just needed sewing up. All sorted.

Batten pocket repair

We’ve done a full lap of Nuku Hiva now exploring its stunning bays, beaches and mountains. Time to head to another island in the Marquesas. We are heading to either Ua-Pou (where they grow and make chocolate) and/or Fatu-Hiva, it depends on the wind direction. Next update when we next get WiFi…it might be awhile!

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