Ua-Pou, Marquesas Islands

To be honest, the fact that someone grows and makes delicious chocolate on this island was a bit of a draw for our itinerary. But the volcanic island was also spectacular as we approached — with vertical rock pillars soaring from the hilltops into the clouds. There must be some great climbing and hiking here too.

The small anchorage bays were less spectacular, with large waves surging against rocks and winds gusting over 30 knots. It looked like we might have to miss our chocolate excursion altogether. We sailed further down the west coast looking for a more sheltered bay. Third time lucky and we saw s/y Askari anchored in a lovely calmer bay. We joined them, in “cat bay” named by Carolyn for the sweet said cat on the beach. It was lovely to meet some Brits-turned-Aussies and we had a good few evenings exchanging notes on where to visit and admiring their pristine made-to-order Oyster yacht. The bay had a small ‘house’, outdoor ‘kitchen’ and balcony… great backdrop with our yacht anchored in the background.

A few days later when the wind and waves had died down enough we sailed back to the “chocolate bay” and hiked to ‘Manfred’s’ place, which unknown to us, was basically at the bottom of one of those rock vertical spike things. A lot further up a mountain than anticipated for little legs in search of chocolate…Upon arrival it turned out Manfred was away but luckily his wife was there and kindly got some chocolate out for us to sample. It was delicious; the richest, darkest, melt-in-your-mouth chocolate imaginable and we were pleased to be able to buy some too. Phew!

On the way back down the mountain we stopped at their waterfall which made for a perfect dip to cool off in gorgeous fresh water.

We sailed back to Cat bay for the night as it was too rough at “Manfred’s” bay. This photo is the boat ramp there!

You can imagine landing a dinghy with five people in was “interesting”! (If you are planning a visit here we used the inside of a small seawall instead, a lesser of two evils)!

4 thoughts on “Ua-Pou, Marquesas Islands

    1. That’s the volcanic scenery for you! It’s dramatic the difference from white sand beaches, green tropical forests and vast rock pillars. Island paradise…


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