Tahuata, Marquesas Islands

Our first overnight sail since crossing the Pacific, and Russell kindly did it solo whilst the rest of us ‘slept’ in the rock-n-roll motion. Trying to sail at 115 degrees when the wind is coming from 115 degrees, with the current directly against you, is interesting and with wind shifts meant constant trimming the sails to suit. Maybe we should have sailed here direct from Nuku Hiva, it would have been much easier, (but then there wouldn’t have been any chocolate from Ua-Pou…)

Anyway we arrived at dawn in the most breathtaking anchorage of Hane Moe Noa bay on Tahuata island.

The water was transparent and as I let down the anchor I could watch it drop all the way down to the white sand 8m below. Perfect.

If you are passing, I recommend to stop here. It’s the picture postcard of a Pacific island beach and we had it to ourselves for the three gorgeous days we spent there. It was a delight to swim in the clear waters and see fish, turtles, manta rays and even small sharks (well spotted by Chloe). The white sand was beautiful and spotless.

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