Fatu Hiva, Bay of Virgins, Marquesas Islands

Our last island stop in the Marquesas was at the breathtaking anchorage on Fatu Hiva — named the Bay of Virgins.

Renowned for being quite windy as the wind ‘bullets’ down from the steep cliffs but the stunning scenery makes up for the hair raising gusts. The black stone cliff tops soar above lush greenery and the rocks appear to be in shapes of faces. It’s quite a dramatic place to anchor and a great place to spend a few days. We got to know the friendly locals and bought bananas, limes and oranges from their trees. There is a small shop in the tiny village and we managed to get a rare treat of ice cream to the boys delight.

We also met up with another British family boat, s/y Belladonna, and together we hiked to the waterfall.

The waterfall was impressive and it was a refreshing swim in gorgeous fresh water in the pools below.

The girls aboard s/y Belladonna had brought their violins and recorded a short video for their grandparents of them playing Christmas carols. It was great to hear them play and they did really well despite being eaten by mosquitoes!

The boys clambered over rocks, collected wood and merrily built a bonfire whilst the girls delightfully played the violins. The difference between having two girls and two boys!! 😂😂

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