Kite boarding in Amanu

Our first island in the Tuaomotos turned out to be small kite boarding mecca. With a small and wonderfully social fleet of six boats (all in Amanu waiting for a weather window to sail to the Gamblers), the thing to do whilst waiting was kite boarding. The reef around the atoll stops the waves and yet the wind can come straight over it which makes for perfect kite boarding conditions.

Kite boarding paradise

Even the kite boarding instructors had come down from Fakarava to Anaho for the ‘down season’ and to enjoy the winds. Russell managed to get another lesson in and rent some gear and joined in the colourful fun.

Russell kite boarding

We even had Hugo playing with a small foil kite from the dinghy and paddle board. It seems to be the sport for cruisers and a great motivator for all the kids to finish school promptly so they can go kiting and foiling.

Hugo learning kiting from the dinghy

It’s a stunning atoll with crystal clear water and coconut palm trees growing on the coral fringes of the atoll. A great place to swim and explore and catch fish!

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