Tahanea wildlife park

Our next stop after saying a sad goodbye to our new sailing friends in Amanu and Hao, was the atoll of Tahanea. No one lives in the vast atoll and it’s been designated a wildlife park as a a result.

The water was stunning aquamarine blue and beautifully transparent. I’ve had worse visibility in a swimming pool than here! We snorkelled and swam to our hearts content and the boys made dens and looked for shells on the fringe of the atoll.

We snorkelled the entrance pass into the atoll and were treated to a magnificent array of stunning fish and coral. It was truly breathtaking and some of the best coral we have seen. We saw numerous reef sharks too and even a bull shark and her young one which was a bit alarming but they disappeared rapidly off into the blue. Not that we have underwater cameras, this is just the marine life swimming beside the boat taken from the deck!

We greatly enjoyed our stunning stay in this amazing atoll, sailing across its vast interior and quiet beauty. Raw Pacific splendour at its best.

Time for some winch repairs before tackling the infamous atoll passes, with the boys on coral/bommie lookout, on our way to explore another island in our Pacific paradise.

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