Parcel collected —Christmas presents in February!

We finally picked up our parcel in Fakarava which has been waiting for us for awhile…which contained valuable spares; water maker parts and winch bits and to the boys delight Christmas presents from Grandad. Thank you Mac, the luminous scribble-on T-shirts are an amazing success and we all love the games too.

Hugo got his prize from his junior RYA letter of the month (a year ago!) so more fun things to play with too. Very happy boys.

We’ve decided to wait in the village for the next supply boat to arrive, in the hope that a) this one actually does arrive (the last one didn’t turn up) and b) it has fresh fruit and vegetables on it. Which is not always guaranteed in these COVID times. There is a limit to our delight surviving on tins and we are dreaming of anything fresh now.

The boys did a hike to the old lighthouse and even managed to find some geo-caches too complete with exploring the outside of the reef.

We also managed to find the only restaurant on the island and bonus, it was actually open for dinner. A splendid treat for a night out and no cooking for once!

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