Diving Fakarava south pass

Of all the atolls in the Tuaomotos, the south pass of Fakarava is renowned for its sharks, the shear volume of them. Literally hundreds. There is a small dive resort at the south pass to cater for this phenomenon and we happily dived with them.

We were not disappointed, I’ve dived around the world and this has to be the biggest grouping of sharks I’ve ever seen. I’m not exaggerating to say we saw well over a hundred and fifty sharks. A mixture of grey, black and white tip sharks. They hang out in the atoll pass in the strong current that rages through. Our dives were timed with the current so we could drift past them in amazement at their vast numbers. The water is crystal clear and the coral was stunning too. Fabulous dives and well recommended.

The boys sat and did homeschooling whilst we dived, to the owners amazement! They did get to feed some fish ends to the smaller reef sharks beside the restaurant. Even the huge napoleon wrasse were swimming amongst the sharks vying for bits of food. It’s quite a spectacle to behold.

The next day the sunshine was swapped for torrential rain and winds. The rain was gratefully received and we managed to fill our water tanks, hurray! Fresh water showers for a change 👍.

We waited for sunshine and visibility before sailing on!

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