Hiking to Fautuana Falls in Tahiti

Fautuana Falls

After two days of sorting and cleaning the boat in the sweltering heat we decided it was time to escape the marina and go for a hike.

We joined forces with the Danish contingent in the marina and s/v Amarillo, s/v September and hiked up to the Fautuana waterfall.

It was great to stretch the legs and see some of the majestic scenery which surrounds the city. The Fautauna hike takes you right up to the top of the waterfall where there are plunge pools with natural slides formed in the rocks.

We had great fun plunging down the slides into the cool and refreshing water. You have to really trust that there aren’t any lumpy rocks sticking out and just go for it. Rather an exhilarating experience!

We kept a safe distance from the last pool which is the ultimate infinity pool plunging over the cliff edge to oblivion!

A great walk with great company which exhausted both little and long legs alike. Back to sorting the boat tomorrow…

2 thoughts on “Hiking to Fautuana Falls in Tahiti

  1. I just wanted to say thankyou for all the stories and beautiful photos on this blog. We have enjoyed looking forward to the posts each week and reading about all the adventures and amazing things you have done, particularly whilst we have been unable to travel!! Enjoy the next part of the adventure. Safe travels. Sam & Duncan Mitchell


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