Moorea and the dolphin centre

Moorea is a stunning island with breathtaking landscape and a relaxing calmness after the hustle and bustle of Tahiti.

We soon settled into land mode and started exploring the island.

In the middle of a closed resort lies a dolphin centre which prides itself in its research and education programme. We made a school trip to visit them and learn about cetaceans.

What cetaceans are in French Polynesia?

I’ve not sat through a PowerPoint presentation in awhile but Jan gave us a fascinating history of dolpinariums and their highs and lows before letting us meet their two dolphins Kuokoa and Hina.

We all loved meeting them and watching them swim, play and feed.

Jan patiently answered all our questions and kindly looked through our various photos and videos of whales and dolphins and superpods we’ve seen on our sailing adventure and identified all the species for us.

The boys asked loads of great questions and we stayed to watch the dolphins swim for quite awhile. It was a really lovely trip and quite special being on our own there. The island is very quiet without tourists.

Watching and learning about dolphins with Jan

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