Dolphin Encounter

Having learnt about the dolphin research at the Moorea centre we choose to do a dolphin encounter with them as its not one of those ‘kiss or hug’ the dolphin experiences. You are literally in the water with them and learn and observe them first hand without trying to ride, pet or scare them. The water is the natural lagoon bay, so we are swimming against the current and treading water in these photos! The boys did so well.

Both Kuokoa and Hina were very curious and they got very close to us and their trainer. The boys learnt to spot their ears, name all the body parts and tell the boy and girl apart. Felix learnt some of the commands too, much to the trainers amusement. The whistle is not used to call the dolphin, merely to say ‘well-done’, that and a handful of small fish and squid!

It was a magical and memorial experience. A wonderful treat for the boys after finishing their first week at the local French/Polynesian school.

A huge thanks to the two bottle nose dolphins and their trainers who made it all possible, result – one very happy Hall family!

Hugo and Hina

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