Coco beach Moorea

Coco beach

Unable to keep away from the sea we took an outrigger canoe taxi to Coco beach for the day which is on a small motu (island) inside the reef in Moorea. Even the journey there across the aquamarine waters, white sand and coral was stunning. We saw small black tip reef sharks and sting rays scuttling out the way of the outrigger.

We swam, sunned ourselves and ate a lovely meal at the restaurant and felt like real tourists rather than ‘crusty cruisers’ for a change!

It’s clearly the thing to do at the weekend, to boat over to the island and then sit in the water up to your midriff and eat and drink till it’s time to go home.

Gorgeous water and sand, the place to sit is in the water!

A great trip out and a treat not to be sat in a dinghy with a wet derrière 😂 when you arrive somewhere! (Not that it really matters in this heat or in the island culture of French Polynesia).

2 thoughts on “Coco beach Moorea

  1. Sounds great…you certainly could not do that here! Storm force winds yesterday with huge waves and water spouts at the shingle bank and Bridge (Needles area) and a sea temperature of only 12.2C at Hurst!


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