Pineapple fields in Moorea

Moorea’s pineapple fields

Have you ever seen pineapples growing? It’s not exactly a common sight in the UK, but here, Moorea is known as the pineapple growing centre of French Polynesia.

The Moorea pineapples are famous for their sweet taste and their gorgeous fragrance. Walking through the pineapple fields is a great olfactory sensation.

Pineapple flower colours

We went to visit and walk through the pineapple fields, which despite the gorgeous smell is a rather painful experience if your legs get too close to the plants and their razor sharp leaves – how anyone manages to pick pineapples we have no idea.

With over six-hundred acres of farmland using the rich volcanic soil, Moorea produces the majority of Queen Tahiti pineapples. It takes between 14 to 20 months for one plant to produce one pineapple so it must be a labour of love. They can only pick them when ripe as unlike other fruit it will not become sweeter if picked when still green.

We’ve been happily buying pineapples from the roadside fruit stall holders which pop up around the island and we normally get stuck behind a flatbed truck full of pineapples on the school run, so we know how great they taste, and plentiful they are here but it’s wonderful to finally see how they grow. Everyday is a school day! 👍📚✏️

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