Rotui juice factory and Afareaitu waterfalls

Chopping pineapples

If you are going to see how they grow fruit in Moorea you might as well see where they make the juice too, especially as they have a distillery. Did you know you can get pineapple wine and Moorea’s own version of Malibu with their coconuts and pineapple? Surprisingly delicious. We had great fun tasting everything on offer.

Connoisseur Hugo

The boys were fascinated watching the pineapples entering the assortment of machines and the robotics of packing the cartons. It’s more technology than we’ve seen in rather a long time…

We’ve seen the ‘Rotui’ brand of juice everywhere in French Polynesia so it’s interesting to see where it’s all made — and in such a picturesque location directly below the stunning Rotui mountain.

Rotui Mountain
Some of our yummy purchases

A day out is never complete without a hike to explore another part of the island – this time we hiked to Afareaitu falls enjoying eating tropical fruits on the way as it’s definitely passion fruit season, the aromas are amazing when you find them growing on a random vine covering a tree and mangos are abounding again – hurrah.

Found the waterfall!

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