Moorea highlights

Known as Tahiti’s little sister, the island of Moorea is breathtakingly beautiful and a must-visit on any trip to French Polynesia.

With gorgeous white beaches, stunning verdant mountains, crystal clear aquamarine water teaming with fish and historical marea and tikis – there is oodles to do and our two months here have disappeared in light speed.

Words and pictures can barely capture everything we’ve done here and I couldn’t recommend the place highly enough (our adventures on Moorea have been captured on our Instagram account #sailingkathryndelfuego)

We’ve been invited into the kindness of people’s homes and lives, made great friends, eaten the wonderful varied fruit from the fertile island and relaxed and swum in the glorious sunshine and seas.

The boys have enjoyed civilisation (zip lining through the trees and ready access to ice-cream 😂) and have loved their time in the local school making friends quickly and learning French.

The half day system has allowed us to still hike and explore everything the island has to offer.

Even the daily views from our rented house kept us in awe.

Fond memories for a lifetime, whilst we prepare for our lives back in the UK…It’s no wonder why our friends are asking if we really want to go back! 😳

Last photos of Moorea!

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