Tahiti – exploring the east coast

We’ve made a new temporary home near the local Tahiti yacht club as the boys are going to join the dinghy sailing week of fun. We soon went exploring, keen to see our new surroundings. The east coast did not disappoint.

From Venus point, where Cook arrived, to Fa’aruma’i (three cascades) waterfalls and Belvedere lookout there were stunning views and sights to see.

The rugged northern coast gets a battering of waves and surfers were clearly enjoying the breaks. How they avoid the coral and rocks I have no idea! On the black sand beach past Venus point the Saturday crowd of kite boarders were in full force enjoying the windy conditions.

We had a hilarious stop at Arahoho ‘roaring road’ where whilst searching for the infamous blow hole we got blasted with sea water sending hats and children scurrying!

Wait for it…poor Felix!

A great day and welcome to Tahiti.

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