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Islas Cies National Park

With Grandad onboard we sailed to the lovely islands in the National Park, first stopping at Islas Cies which is stunning but busy at the weekend. We then moved to the southern island of I. de S Martin where the only other footprints in the sand were birds. We enjoyed the last of the settled weather before heading for cover to avoid the southerly storm arriving.

Old fisherman’s houses

The town of Combarro has stunning old granite grain stores and fisherman’s houses along the waterfront. You can tell how good the fisherman was by the carving in the stone pillars or even an addition of a stone balcony. The area is also surrounded by vineyards and they are very keen on their local wine, all great by us 👍.

Hugo enjoying scooting through the village

A great place to meet Grandad and explore the village famed for its seafood. We dined out and treated ourselves to fresh barbecued sardines, scallops, clams and mussels.

Grandad arrives!

Hurrah for Grandad driving over 1250 miles to visit us, with his car laden with spare water filters, pipes, numerous Amazon deliveries of boat bits, you name it and a Tesco order of the boys favourite foods. So it was triple excitement all round. Thank you for the post too, huge thanks to Helen and the Croft crew for the hoodie for Hugo for leaving pre-prep. He was over the moon to see everyone’s names on his jumper.

Time to go off exploring and sailing with Grandad for a week 😀⛵️🏝☀️😎⚓️

Galicia at its best

The water and beaches of Isla de Arousa and Isla Ons are amazing and we’ve parked the school lessons (for a bit) whilst we just have fun on the beaches. If you are cruising in the area, do stop at these anchorages as they are superb. I’m pretty sure the cover photo from the pilot book for Atlantic Spain and Portugal is taken from this very spot.

Crystal clear water

The boys either snorkel, swimming for ages or take themselves off in the dinghy. Both are proficient at rowing now, with Felix’s creating his own underarm rowing technique to make up for any size disadvantage!

The excitement is mounting with Grandad arriving for a visit and the boys are ecstatic. It’s better to be on a beach rather than a yacht with two very excited boys, bless.

Diving for razor clams

Our yacht seems to be a magnet for fishermen. No sooner than we have anchored and settled down for the night when the hum of ‘Viveiro’s’ appears and we seem to get surrounded by dropped oyster pots in a web of floats and lines. No chance of us motoring off then! But by morning the hard working fishermen normally reappear and dutifully collect them all. But today we had diving fishermen this close!

They have a tank of air on their small rickety wooden boat, drape a long hose over the side and jump in. Hugo and Felix were fascinated and wanted to join in. There was also a free diver diving around us too. So here’s our mini fishermen….(with that much buoyancy the clams were certainly going to be safe for another day!)

No words to describe this one!!😂

Hugo swam around following the free diver, who kindly gave him a prized Galician delicacy of razor clam and some large clams too. Amazing what was beneath our boat!

Junior free diver in action…

Bamboo construction

Building with bamboo, well that’s a lesson I definitely can do! We found a lovely quiet anchorage (just north of pta de Cabio, which is south of Caramiñal in Ría Arosa) with beaches backed with bamboo. The beach had numerous fallen bamboo sticks, so the Halls got to work. We have been meaning to buy a paddle board but just haven’t found the right one, so this would be the next best thing??!! (Honest kids!!)

Felix and I build the prototype and left Hugo and Daddy for the mass construction. Then Hugo went punting on the raft into the distance, what could go wrong?!

Luckily everyone managed to get back to shore for bridge and den building too 😎🏝☀️

The art lesson…

So homeschooling is tough, okay it has highs and lows. One lesson the boys have been begging for is art, specifically painting. I’m not really a mess person, let alone paint/glitter in a confined space that constantly moves! I finally relented and set up a wonderful art station on the beach. The boys were elated and merrily painted shells, driftwood, stones, pine cones and anything we could find. They were so happily absorbed in painting, I thought I might relax and read my book. Err oops, see what happened next!! Rule one of teaching learnt, remain in charge and present!!!!